Signature Weddings. Stylish Events. Team Building.

Set in the beautiful Lincolnshire landscape. Crowtree offers you the perfect indoor Tipi experience for you and your wedding guests or friends and business colleagues. With seating for up to 80 people, the Tipis are flexible in managing any number of combinations. Working with Wild at Heart Tipis as our preferred supplier of quality tipis, we can offer you the full range.

Or maybe you are celebrating something else? A memorable birthday? An Anniversary? Or even a social or business event that needs something different.

Alongside the reception Tipi are nine wigwam cabins that can sleep up to four guests each. That means your event can last and last with everyone, cost effectively and all together.


Your Wedding Day needs to be unique, special, memorable and a complete one -off. We can do that. With any combination of Tipi size we can cater for large or small celebrations.

Business Events 

There is always a need for something special to make an event. It could be a team building experience​ or the launch of a product. Forget the usual hotels and get creative. Plus you can use the wigwam cabin accommodation to keep everyone networking.

Parties, Events & Special Occasions

Celebrate that Special Occasion or create a memorable event. It could be a birthday or just a social event to get all your friends and family together.